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Trading Profile of stp43

  1. Quick shipping, nicely boxed. Great seller

  2. Great seller. Prompt shipping.

  3. Great buyer. Immediate payment, pleasure to to help you out obtaining this truck,

  4. Excellent trading partner

  5. Very relieved to find this car. Awesome piece to own

  6. Another quality CFS truck.

  7. Great diecast piece.

  8. Excellent CFS model.

  9. Instant PayPal payment. Happy you like the car.

  10. Excellent car, plus the shipping.

  11. Nice car, love the Elite series

  12. Very nice set of trucks.

  13. Excellent Truck

  14. my first kyle busch truck

  15. Great tribute car

  16. Excellent car

  17. Great sale

  18. DCZ Challenger

  19. DCZ Camaro. great diecast