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Redecorating Season

Discussion in 'Collector Classifieds' started by litl_e_fan, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Sep 14, 2012
    Redoing my bedroom this week and have decided to part with some pieces that either don't fit with my collection or have never been displayed due to space constraints. I may post more in the future, but I'll start with these for now.

    Hailie Deegan
    Hailie Deegan 2018 Meridian Win 1/24 Non-Autographed
    Hailie Deegan 2019 Las Vegas Win 1/24 Autographed
    Hailie Deegan 2019 Colorado Win 1/24 Autographed
    Hailie Deegan 2019 iK9 Patriotic 1/24 Autographed
    Hailie Deegan 2019 TRD 40th Anniversary 1/24 Autographed

    Looking for $120 each but will offer a discount if you buy them all.

    Kyle Busch 2008 Darlington Raced Version 1/24

    Haven't seen one of these sell recently so make an offer and I'll consider it. 2 of the hood pins were missing when I bought it and have been replaced with Team Caliber spares. They don't fit perfectly, but I don't think you'd notice when it's on display.

    Pictures of all cars available upon request.

    Will also consider trades for the following:
    Dale Jr 2010 Wrangler Raced Version 1/24
    Tony Stewart 2011 New Hampshire Raced Version 1/24
    Trevor Bayne 2012 Hall of Fame 1/24 (especially if one of you has that autographed Color Chrome door number Elite that just sold on eBay)
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