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{$title} Owners to vote next week on 14-team playoff

Discussion in 'The NFL Gridiron' started by Dale3DaleJr88, Mar 28, 2020.

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    Dec 24, 2011

    The NFL is likely to make playoff expansion next week.
    Owners will vote next week on the proposal to add one more team from each conference to the playoffs, according to Judy Battista of NFL Media.
    With the NFL and the rest of the world shying away from conducting business in person, the league will conduct the vote via conference call.
    Other votes, regarding proposed changes to the playing rules, are expected to take place in May, when the league is still planning to get the owners together in person for a meeting.
    Under the proposed playoff formula, seven teams from each conference would make the postseason. The team with the best record would get the only first-round bye, while three division winners from each conference would host three wild card teams during the first weekend of the playoffs.
    Still to be determined is exactly how the six games in the first playoff weekend will be scheduled. Also still to be determined is which TV networks will televise the two additional playoff games, which are expected to bring in significant additional revenue for the NFL.


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