Looking for Will Power IndyCar 1/64's & Loose Greenlight "trading cards"

Discussion in 'Greenlight Collectibles' started by mdclapps, May 16, 2017.

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    Not sure where to post this so I put under Greenlight.

    I'm looking to buy any of Will Power's 1/64 that I do not have. So far all I have are:
    2010/11 Hot Wheels #12 Verizon (honestly can't tell what year, looks more like 2011 but copyright date says 2010) any advice on year is appreciated
    2012 Greenlight #12 Verizon
    2016 Greenlight #12 Verizon
    *I know there are a couple others listed on eBay now, I asked the seller about combined shipping. I plan on buying them

    Also I am interested in any of his 'trading cards' that come with Greenlight IndyCar 1/64 diecasts.

    Have some PayPal ready for these. Thanks!

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