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Playing the harp, from Pocono Raceway

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    1. moparbob

      It looks like your prediction of a Dodge NASCAR return in 2014 (or beyond for the unforeseeable future) will not come to pass. This of course makes me sad. :sad:

      Hope all is good for you. Have a good holiday season.
    2. moparmike340
      Thanks for the reply. If you come across another one, please let me know as I would be interested in buying it from you or doing a trade. Also if you have any extra 2010 Keselowski Challengers I would be interested as well. As far as the Keselowski Twitter #19 Ram, this was made by Bryan Pallerino at Home Page.
    3. boise22
      Hey! how long did it take Brad's people to message you about where to send your rewards items? I redeemed points about 5 days ago and have yet to hear from them?
    4. cheer4oldnd
      I sure did. I contacted them after they replied back to a few members on here and they sent me out the replacements.
    5. cheer4oldnd
      That is the first batch of hero cards that were sent out that McCall Farms claimed were auto'd by Ragan. Obviously they were not so they resent authentic ones out after people started to complain to them.
    6. Newbie
      This year I started selling some of our duplicate cards so that my son can use that money to buy cards that are hard to get from sponsors or TTM. So we do buy cards occasionally but it's not really our money. lol

      Anyway, you have the largest/nicest BK collection I've seen. I need to try to catch-up to you. =)
    7. Newbie
      You have a bunch of older ones that I don't have. Thanks for the pics, now I know what to look for on ebay. I don't think you're missing that many from 2011 & 2012. I know there's another version of the 2011 Miller Lite and the 2012 Miller Lite Bristol win. Oh and the BK Foundation cards.
    8. Newbie
      Ok, let me know when you're done. I'd like to see how many I'm missing. lol
    9. Newbie
      Didn't you used to have an album with pictures of all of your BK hero cards?
    10. Coopaaf JJC FAN
      Coopaaf JJC FAN
      1st edtion was the 1st year of the Challenger, kinda like they did with the COTs in the NNS they ran these 4 races that year before becoming full time bodies in 2011(even the box says 1st edition challenger) haha
    11. Dboy1974
      How do you set a link for a mod or racerimage to a post? Never could figure out how to do this. LOL!
    12. BurtonFan
      What Burton stuff do you have to trade for ??
    13. BurtonFan
      Just got a 2012 Press Pass signature series Race-used tire Brad Leselowski 03/12
      there a pic of it in my photo album of 2012 Press Pass Cards
      Let me know if you are interested
      you can email me -
    14. Goharvick2988
      Hey i got his 1:64 penske 12 car
    15. moparbob
      Saw your post regarding the comment below... Carry on then and please advise when it's delivered. Thanks. :happy:
    16. moparbob
      I see you Raok package got there... Do you remember my stipulations for receiving it? Post pics and feedback.
    17. Dan O.
      Dan O.
      I sent you the 15 dollars for the cards. Could you please let me no that you received it.
    18. Dan O.
      Dan O.
      I am interested in the autographed cards that you said you have for sale.Let me no what you want for them and send me a E-mail Thanks Dan O.
    19. rtl24psycho
      u can combine the feedback for me, thats what I did when I left ya feedback yest
    20. rtl24psycho
      cool, I would've changed the bowtie but I was kinda worried i might screw the car up so i left it alone. would appreciate u leaving me some feedback,
      glad u got the car and the other cars
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